July 31

FILE UNDER: Fun English Lessons ~ Words & Pics

Hot on the heels of my latest batch of 10 Quick Quizzes, I thought I’d sort out the latest week of WordPics. I’m up to 112 now, can you imagine, I’ll be able to publish a dictionary soon!

What be WordPics?  Well, they be a word or expression with a definition and a little personal text, accompanied by one of my pictures and an audio recording of it all to listen to, too.

In fact, to be quite transparent about this, the words, stories and definitions are directly inspired by the photos, as a way of combining my images and word work in a fun way.

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One of my challenges in my creative life, maybe in common with an average student, is to keep interested and motivated by what I’m doing until I produce a worthwhile result.

Here I do this by combining my photos with my love of language and sending stuff out onto the web to hopefully help others.

Mad Sab Lab ToonThis is what I suggest students do as well; somehow link what they are studying to a real-life situation, such as writing to someone in another country or giving a presentation in another language. Anything to get it out of the classroom and into the real world, and probably into their heads much more permanently too.

Sab Will is… the synergistic sum of decidedly disparate parts (see above).

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