August 12

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"Sab Will" "Mystic Rhythms" "Poetry of Sorts"August 2016 is shaping up nicely.

Just a stanza short of my 51st, still surfing pre-second semicentennial tension, and feeling good…

My lack of poetic output over the last few years has been troubling me, and the last time I updated my Mystic Rhythms blog was more than a couple of years back.

Enough was enough. So I churned out three new ones between thumb-twiddling to get the ball rolling again. What’s more, you can now listen to them, err, me, reciting before, during, after or even instead of reading. Oh blissful day. 🔮

Direct links to my three new poems are here:

Internal Workings (of An Abstract Mind)

Purple Promise / One Year Younger

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My poetic unreal estate is in a bit of a mess. At one point a few years ago I started creating complicated compendiums for offer on Amazon.

The idea was cool: sets of 32 poems, roughly grouped by eight invented themes, a pretty cover and curious intro. In fact, it still is cool, so I’ll probably revamp that now that I’m in the revamping mood.

Mad Sab Lab ToonIt was interesting to totally disregard original publication date and see how I approached similar topics over the years. I was excited about the concept at the time and again it bugs me that I haven’t carried through with it, as with so many things.

I must have enough poems for about eight or ten volumes by now, all illustrated with my photos or art, and what’s fun too is that I’ll continue to scatter the poems over the volumes at random, completing a new one as and when the poems gel into coherent categories so there’s not too much pressure in the end. Enjoy the journey!

Sab Will is… the synergistic sum of decidedly disparate parts (see above).

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