August 2

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My artistically-inclined self-portrait project, or documented slow demise, if you prefer, started quite a few years ago now, and well before the selfie crazy, I hasten to add.

You’d have to go waayyy back into the archives to discover its origins and I’m sure I’ve gone on about the philosophy behind it elsewhere far too much already so I’ll try not to bore you here with more ruminations…

Direct links to the three latest pics are here:

Like Father, Love Son / Selfless In Spite Of / Doing Porridge

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Maybe you already take pictures of yourself, and that’s cool. But what about turning it into an artistic project that you can be not just nostalgic about one day but also proud of?

It’s easy to take ‘snaps’, but to capture significance is something else.

Mad Sab Lab ToonI’m not claiming to be great at it, but I am claiming to at least be trying to produce stuff that means something, if only to me!

The great thing about making yourself the subject is that you are always available and most people are fairly fascinated by themselves so the results should always be pleasing, right?!


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