August 16

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"The SNAIL" crazy English language "Sab Will"“You have just begun reading the sentence you have just finished reading.”

What the FREAK??

Hey, don’t blame me, it’s English’s fault. Yep, welcome to the wild and wacky world of this crazy language we love to loathe (but love anyway)!

Here in a super-duper bumper-bonus package are Parts 2 & 3 to bugger up your brainbuds and drive your dendroids to distraction…

Crazy English Grammar Parts 2 & 3Crazy English Grammar Parts 2 & 3

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There’s little less irritating (or more pleasing if you prefer) for a language nerd like me than a well-turned phrase. Well ok, ankles, calves and thighs make the cut too, but I digress…

The SNAIL, which stands for Sab’s New Academy of the Ingleesh Language, in case you were wondering, is all about such scrumptious scrivolities.

Mad Sab Lab ToonOf course, it shouldn’t be The SNAIL, because that would make it The Sab’s New Acadamy of… which of course wouldn’t do at all at all.

So be that as it may, if language quirks do strange but pleasant to your neurons, this is definitely the place to be. And I’m accepting contributions on a on-going basis, so if you’ve got some fave raves, send ’em in and cheerily join my joyful destruction of my mother tongue as we know it!

Sab Will is… the synergistic sum of decidedly disparate parts (see above).

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