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Failure To Learn

August 11

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Scribblisms "Failure to Succeed" "Sab Will" "Rainbow English School"My latest Scribblism is delightfully simple yet timelessly profound.

Even in writing those words above, I ask myself, can there still be anyone who doesn’t agree that making mistakes is OK; a perfectly natural and, indeed, essential part of the learning process.

But then I remember back to my school days when corporal punishment – i.e. teachers HITTING children – was still occasionally performed – yes, I’m that old – and I realise that a dim view of ‘getting things wrong’ is not so far away, even in relatively advanced countries.

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Rainbow Teaching & Learning Values

July 29

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"Rainbow Teaching Learning Values" "Mind Map Mad"My Rainbow Teaching and Learning Values mind map took me quite a while and even some research with is a bit rare for me as I tend to produce things quickly and spontaneously.

The rough-and-ready approach wasn’t possible here though because I had to look at the emotions and associations people link to specific colours in some detail.

I’d already thought about this in an article over on Creative Business Mind called Blue For You so the foundations were there, I just needed to put it into a learning-friendly form.

GREAT NEWS! 🇬🇧 English and 🇫🇷 French versions are available and I’m now looking for a friendly 🇪🇸 Spanish-speaker for obvious reasons…

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Empty To Open

July 25

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"Sabbisms Empty to Open" "Sab Lab" "Rainbow English School"In my Scribblisms series, I have fun re-purposing amazing things said by enlightened people and adding a few words of my own too.

The theme of these pieces is education but you’ll also see similar items on creativity in professional and personal life in my Sabisms series with possibly Dodoisms and Frabulisms to follow down the line, but we’ll see.

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