August 12

FILE UNDER: Mystic Rhythms ~ Poetry

"Sab Will" "Mystic Rhythms" "Poetry of Sorts"August 2016 is shaping up nicely.

Just a stanza short of my 51st, still surfing pre-second semicentennial tension, and feeling good…

My lack of poetic output over the last few years has been troubling me, and the last time I updated my Mystic Rhythms blog was more than a couple of years back.

Enough was enough. So I churned out three new ones between thumb-twiddling to get the ball rolling again. What’s more, you can now listen to them, err, me, reciting before, during, after or even instead of reading. Oh blissful day. 🔮

Direct links to my three new poems are here:

Internal Workings (of An Abstract Mind)

Purple Promise / One Year Younger

More Sabosity…