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Mind Mapping & Creativity Weekends in Paris

November 27

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Mind mapping and creativity weekends in Paris with Sab WillThis is EXCITING! I know, I often start like that, but hey, would YOU read a blog post that started “This is boring”? Think about it.

So what is exciting? Well, my new Mind Mapping & Creativity Weekends in Paris, that’s what 😀

These sessions are in French, so it’s a great opportunity to practise if you already ‘get by’, and meet some lovely locals too.

🌞 Winter “Creative Mind” Weekend 🌞
17 & 18 December 2016 in Paris

🌞 New Year “Creative Mind” Weekend 🌞
7 & 8 January 2017 in Paris


  • Workshops en Français
  • Saturday is Mind Mapping
  • Sunday is Creativity
  • Small groups – 8 max

  • Do Saturday only…
  • …or just Sunday
  • Do BOTH & SAVE €€ 😀
  • Fascinating & Fun
  • Unchain YOUR Brain!

Booking is now open, but numbers are strictly limited to 8 participants for maximum interaction, so check out the dates and click below for more info (and lots of nice testimonials too!), ok?

⇨ Book Your Place NOW! 


Sab Will is… the synergistic sum of decidedly disparate parts (see above).

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Wheel of Life Coaching Tool

August 15

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"wheel of life coaching tool" "Sab Will" "Mind Map Mad"When I get into something, I like to learn as much as I can about it, as quickly as I can, and then start playing around and adding my own special sauce to make it mine.

That’s what I did here with the well-know coaching tool, the so-called Wheel of Life. I mind mapped it!

In fact, although it had nothing to do with mind mapping to start out with, it lent itself admirably to the exercise and I love the result.

I’ve also written an in-depth article to go with it, so I hope you’ll read that too and get into this cool tool and… sort your life out!

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Mind Mapping & Creativity Days in Paris!

August 1

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mind mapping course creativity Paris "Sab Will"HEY, this is pure publicity, but if I can’t do it on my own blog, then where can I do it, right?

So, COME TO MY MIND MAPPING & CREATIVITY courses in Paris, they’ll be amazing and look, if you book one day you get the other one FREE – yes!

Mind Mapping & Creativity Courses in Paris !

2nd Course FREE only in September & October

Both days are in French but my English is ok too…

They WILL be amazing; sorry, said that already.

Half of the course input is inspired by my Very Official Qualifications in Mind Mapping and Applied Innovation from the ThinkBuzan/OpenGenius team who I trained with last year in the UK.

The other half comes from my own experience and ideas – yep, I have those too – and I have to say I’m EXTREMELY excited about it!

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Rainbow Teaching & Learning Values

July 29

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"Rainbow Teaching Learning Values" "Mind Map Mad"My Rainbow Teaching and Learning Values mind map took me quite a while and even some research with is a bit rare for me as I tend to produce things quickly and spontaneously.

The rough-and-ready approach wasn’t possible here though because I had to look at the emotions and associations people link to specific colours in some detail.

I’d already thought about this in an article over on Creative Business Mind called Blue For You so the foundations were there, I just needed to put it into a learning-friendly form.

GREAT NEWS! 🇬🇧 English and 🇫🇷 French versions are available and I’m now looking for a friendly 🇪🇸 Spanish-speaker for obvious reasons…

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Tangled Web of Terror

July 23

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"Tangled Web of Terror" "Sab Lab" "Mind Map Mad"Phew, this took a while I can tell you. Both the map, which I did a couple of months ago and just added one new tiny but significant element to, and the text, which is all new.

It’s one of those pieces which I just had to get out there. Personally, I don’t think it’s particularly controversial, but there are always people who get upset about stuff you can’t even image, so we’ll see. Hopefully it’ll make people think and discuss if nothing else.

Writing articles like this has always been one of my most effective ways of dealing with the madness of the world. It’s funny that I should be worried about upsetting anyone because if you write to please everyone, you’ll end up interesting no-one…

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