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Mind Mapping & Creativity Days in Paris!

August 1

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mind mapping course creativity Paris "Sab Will"HEY, this is pure publicity, but if I can’t do it on my own blog, then where can I do it, right?

So, COME TO MY MIND MAPPING & CREATIVITY courses in Paris, they’ll be amazing and look, if you book one day you get the other one FREE – yes!

Mind Mapping & Creativity Courses in Paris !

2nd Course FREE only in September & October

Both days are in French but my English is ok too…

They WILL be amazing; sorry, said that already.

Half of the course input is inspired by my Very Official Qualifications in Mind Mapping and Applied Innovation from the ThinkBuzan/OpenGenius team who I trained with last year in the UK.

The other half comes from my own experience and ideas – yep, I have those too – and I have to say I’m EXTREMELY excited about it!

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Ripped To Shreds

July 22

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"Ripped To Shreds" Sab LabJust did a really cool two-month programme here in Paris which was right up my street: creative topics and life-enhancing activities.

In this article I talk about the mini-course and detail a fun activity we did for the last session and you even get to see my cool collage and a video of me describing it in one minute flat.

One and a half minutes. OK, coming on for two, but YOU try encapsulating 50 years or real live life experience into 60 seconds whilst talking about 11 pictures randomly ripped out of 11 magazines a couple of minutes beforehand and we’ll see how high YOUR monkeys climb, right?!

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Creative Parisian Rooftop Hop!

July 20

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"I Create Therefore I Am" Paris Meet UpI managed to create and destroy a Meet Up all in the space of a few hours today.

The destruction wasn’t really my fault – it was an incredibly hot day, and as usual there were horrendous problems with the trains; I turned up at the station and… there wasn’t one. A train for Paris that is. So goodbye Meet Up.

At least two people turned up at the venue an hour later, not having got my desperate postponement message – embarrassing, and it was the group’s first meeting too… owch! 😖

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Backside Bash

July 18

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This is the latest post from my “I Create Therefore I Am” web site project. I’ve invented this thing called Sabisms which might sound a bit egotistical but I don’t think it is really, and anyone can (and should) do it.

The idea is to grab a quote you love about a subject you care about and republish it with embellishments. You don’t need to add anything but personally I don’t see the interest in sharing yet another quote which you haven’t made your own somehow.

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