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Crazy English Grammar Parts 2 & 3

August 16

FILE UNDER: Hotch Potch English ~ The SNAIL

"The SNAIL" crazy English language "Sab Will"“You have just begun reading the sentence you have just finished reading.”

What the FREAK??

Hey, don’t blame me, it’s English’s fault. Yep, welcome to the wild and wacky world of this crazy language we love to loathe (but love anyway)!

Here in a super-duper bumper-bonus package are Parts 2 & 3 to bugger up your brainbuds and drive your dendroids to distraction…

Crazy English Grammar Parts 2 & 3Crazy English Grammar Parts 2 & 3

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Crazy English Grammar Part 1

August 11

FILE UNDER: Hotch Potch English ~ The SNAIL

"Hotch Potch English" "The SNAIL" Sab WillBeen hankering to get back to one of my first true loves: laughing out loud with that crazy damn language they call English.

So what a great opportunity to introduce anyone who’s reading to a major part of my life’s work: reveling in the intricacies and improbabilities of what you can, can’t and just shouldn’t (who says?) do with words.

On a personal basis I twist and turn words to my own dastardly purposes on a regular basis, but sometimes, I have to admit, others have done it so much better, and The SNAIL is where I share my discoveries with the world…

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Words & Pics Nos.106-112

July 31

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Hot on the heels of my latest batch of 10 Quick Quizzes, I thought I’d sort out the latest week of WordPics. I’m up to 112 now, can you imagine, I’ll be able to publish a dictionary soon!

What be WordPics?  Well, they be a word or expression with a definition and a little personal text, accompanied by one of my pictures and an audio recording of it all to listen to, too.

In fact, to be quite transparent about this, the words, stories and definitions are directly inspired by the photos, as a way of combining my images and word work in a fun way.

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Quick Quizzes Nos. 41-50

July 30

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"Fun English Lessons" "Quick Quiz" 41-51Poor old Fun English Lessons has suffered from neglect recently, but it’s far from being a dead duck!

Priorities, inspiration and sometimes a frightful lack of organisation are to blame, my friends, so there you have it; the truth is out at last.

Anyway, I’m very fond of my Quick Quiz series and I’ll publish the latest batch of 10 here as and when it appears – posting a message for each little quiz question (and cool image, of course) would probably be overkill!

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