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When Lady Eiffel Smiles N°1

December 20

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For 1001 days or possibly more, I’ll be writing 101 wily words or probably fewer over one of my personalised Paris street pics or perturbing self-portraits in English and French. Wanna join me?

~ Click HERE for the BIG version ~

🇫🇷 French version HERE ! 🇫🇷

Here’s the naked text & pic:

The most extraordinary adventure starts with a single step. And before that the idea of an adventure. Or maybe just the idea of a single step.

The last 24 years of my life started with the purchase – and its idea – of a single, cheap ticket to Paris.

The next 1001 days of my life – and yours – start here, with this image and 101-odd words.

~ Click HERE for the BIG version ~

And in case you were wondering…

When Lady Who does What? Well, it’s like this, you see.

I need a major creative challenge every few years or so.

A few years back I managed to post an artistic photo of Paris along with some philosophical ramblings over on my Paris & I blog for 1000 days in a row and I’ve been itching to try something similar again.

This is it. The idea’s pretty much the same but the form’s changed a bit and of course I’ve moved on in my thoughts too over the years. And I’m attempting a French version as well, so there’s that…

The theme will be pretty much anything that occurs to me in the moment, often inspired by my latest Paris street photo but also reflecting where I am in my personal and professional projects at any given time.

There may be some cross-fertilisation with my other endeavours which I hope will enrich the experience. And of course I have no idea what this series will lead to but I’m sure it will be exciting and add another worthwhile chapter to my story for what it’s worth.

Comments are, as always, very welcome and appreciated, but over on the relevant Facebook page, as blog comments are some sort of serious spam hell and I ain’t going there 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and see you soon.

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Creative Business Mind ~ I Create Therefore I Am

J’Apprends Donc ~ Paris If You Please

Sab Will is… the synergistic sum of decidedly disparate parts (see above).

© Sab Will 2017 ~ Text & Photos

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Mind Mapping & Creativity Weekends in Paris

November 27

FILE UNDER: Mind Mapping & Creativity

Mind mapping and creativity weekends in Paris with Sab WillThis is EXCITING! I know, I often start like that, but hey, would YOU read a blog post that started “This is boring”? Think about it.

So what is exciting? Well, my new Mind Mapping & Creativity Weekends in Paris, that’s what 😀

These sessions are in French, so it’s a great opportunity to practise if you already ‘get by’, and meet some lovely locals too.

🌞 Winter “Creative Mind” Weekend 🌞
17 & 18 December 2016 in Paris

🌞 New Year “Creative Mind” Weekend 🌞
7 & 8 January 2017 in Paris


  • Workshops en Français
  • Saturday is Mind Mapping
  • Sunday is Creativity
  • Small groups – 8 max

  • Do Saturday only…
  • …or just Sunday
  • Do BOTH & SAVE €€ 😀
  • Fascinating & Fun
  • Unchain YOUR Brain!

Booking is now open, but numbers are strictly limited to 8 participants for maximum interaction, so check out the dates and click below for more info (and lots of nice testimonials too!), ok?

⇨ Book Your Place NOW! 


Sab Will is… the synergistic sum of decidedly disparate parts (see above).

© Sab Will 2016 ~ Text & Scribblism

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Crazy English Grammar Parts 2 & 3

August 16

FILE UNDER: Hotch Potch English ~ The SNAIL

"The SNAIL" crazy English language "Sab Will"“You have just begun reading the sentence you have just finished reading.”

What the FREAK??

Hey, don’t blame me, it’s English’s fault. Yep, welcome to the wild and wacky world of this crazy language we love to loathe (but love anyway)!

Here in a super-duper bumper-bonus package are Parts 2 & 3 to bugger up your brainbuds and drive your dendroids to distraction…

Crazy English Grammar Parts 2 & 3Crazy English Grammar Parts 2 & 3

More Sabosity…

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Balloon New World

August 15

FILE UNDER: Paris & I ~ Street Photography

"Paris and I" Paris street photography "Sab Will"Next in line for resurrection: Paris & I, my legendary… Paris / iPhone street photography and philosophy blog!

OK, ‘philosophy’ is probably a gross misuse of the term; random thoughts and stuff would probably be a better description, inspired nevertheless by some hopefully rather interesting genuine Paris street photography…

I’ve been getting sad about its complete demise in equal measure that my enthusiasm for Paris street photography and related creative endeavours reawakens. It never died actually, but life circumstances meant it had to be put on hold for a bit. That bit is now OVER and I’m back with a vengeance!

Here are three new posts, which are actually old photos, but I’ll be catching up for a while I guess:

Balloon New World

Defense de Fumer Pt.3 / Defense de Fumer Pt.2


More Sabosity…

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Wheel of Life Coaching Tool

August 15

FILE UNDER: Mind Map Mad ~ Coaching

"wheel of life coaching tool" "Sab Will" "Mind Map Mad"When I get into something, I like to learn as much as I can about it, as quickly as I can, and then start playing around and adding my own special sauce to make it mine.

That’s what I did here with the well-know coaching tool, the so-called Wheel of Life. I mind mapped it!

In fact, although it had nothing to do with mind mapping to start out with, it lent itself admirably to the exercise and I love the result.

I’ve also written an in-depth article to go with it, so I hope you’ll read that too and get into this cool tool and… sort your life out!

More Sabosity…

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Poetry of Sorts – August 2016

August 12

FILE UNDER: Mystic Rhythms ~ Poetry

"Sab Will" "Mystic Rhythms" "Poetry of Sorts"August 2016 is shaping up nicely.

Just a stanza short of my 51st, still surfing pre-second semicentennial tension, and feeling good…

My lack of poetic output over the last few years has been troubling me, and the last time I updated my Mystic Rhythms blog was more than a couple of years back.

Enough was enough. So I churned out three new ones between thumb-twiddling to get the ball rolling again. What’s more, you can now listen to them, err, me, reciting before, during, after or even instead of reading. Oh blissful day. 🔮

Direct links to my three new poems are here:

Internal Workings (of An Abstract Mind)

Purple Promise / One Year Younger

More Sabosity…

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Crazy English Grammar Part 1

August 11

FILE UNDER: Hotch Potch English ~ The SNAIL

"Hotch Potch English" "The SNAIL" Sab WillBeen hankering to get back to one of my first true loves: laughing out loud with that crazy damn language they call English.

So what a great opportunity to introduce anyone who’s reading to a major part of my life’s work: reveling in the intricacies and improbabilities of what you can, can’t and just shouldn’t (who says?) do with words.

On a personal basis I twist and turn words to my own dastardly purposes on a regular basis, but sometimes, I have to admit, others have done it so much better, and The SNAIL is where I share my discoveries with the world…

More Sabosity…

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