December 20

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For 1001 days or possibly more, I’ll be writing 101 wily words or probably fewer over one of my personalised Paris street pics or perturbing self-portraits in English and French. Wanna join me?

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🇫🇷 French version HERE ! 🇫🇷

Here’s the naked text & pic:

The most extraordinary adventure starts with a single step. And before that the idea of an adventure. Or maybe just the idea of a single step.

The last 24 years of my life started with the purchase – and its idea – of a single, cheap ticket to Paris.

The next 1001 days of my life – and yours – start here, with this image and 101-odd words.

~ Click HERE for the BIG version ~

And in case you were wondering…

When Lady Who does What? Well, it’s like this, you see.

I need a major creative challenge every few years or so.

A few years back I managed to post an artistic photo of Paris along with some philosophical ramblings over on my Paris & I blog for 1000 days in a row and I’ve been itching to try something similar again.

This is it. The idea’s pretty much the same but the form’s changed a bit and of course I’ve moved on in my thoughts too over the years. And I’m attempting a French version as well, so there’s that…

The theme will be pretty much anything that occurs to me in the moment, often inspired by my latest Paris street photo but also reflecting where I am in my personal and professional projects at any given time.

There may be some cross-fertilisation with my other endeavours which I hope will enrich the experience. And of course I have no idea what this series will lead to but I’m sure it will be exciting and add another worthwhile chapter to my story for what it’s worth.

Comments are, as always, very welcome and appreciated, but over on the relevant Facebook page, as blog comments are some sort of serious spam hell and I ain’t going there 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and see you soon.

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