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Words & Pics Nos.106-112

July 31

FILE UNDER: Fun English Lessons ~ Words & Pics

Hot on the heels of my latest batch of 10 Quick Quizzes, I thought I’d sort out the latest week of WordPics. I’m up to 112 now, can you imagine, I’ll be able to publish a dictionary soon!

What be WordPics?  Well, they be a word or expression with a definition and a little personal text, accompanied by one of my pictures and an audio recording of it all to listen to, too.

In fact, to be quite transparent about this, the words, stories and definitions are directly inspired by the photos, as a way of combining my images and word work in a fun way.

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Quick Quizzes Nos. 41-50

July 30

FILE UNDER: Fun English Lessons ~ Quick Quiz

"Fun English Lessons" "Quick Quiz" 41-51Poor old Fun English Lessons has suffered from neglect recently, but it’s far from being a dead duck!

Priorities, inspiration and sometimes a frightful lack of organisation are to blame, my friends, so there you have it; the truth is out at last.

Anyway, I’m very fond of my Quick Quiz series and I’ll publish the latest batch of 10 here as and when it appears – posting a message for each little quiz question (and cool image, of course) would probably be overkill!

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Rainbow Teaching & Learning Values

July 29

FILE UNDER: Rainbow English School ~ Mind Maps

"Rainbow Teaching Learning Values" "Mind Map Mad"My Rainbow Teaching and Learning Values mind map took me quite a while and even some research with is a bit rare for me as I tend to produce things quickly and spontaneously.

The rough-and-ready approach wasn’t possible here though because I had to look at the emotions and associations people link to specific colours in some detail.

I’d already thought about this in an article over on Creative Business Mind called Blue For You so the foundations were there, I just needed to put it into a learning-friendly form.

GREAT NEWS! 🇬🇧 English and 🇫🇷 French versions are available and I’m now looking for a friendly 🇪🇸 Spanish-speaker for obvious reasons…

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Empty To Open

July 25

FILE UNDER: Rainbow English School ~ Scribblisms

"Sabbisms Empty to Open" "Sab Lab" "Rainbow English School"In my Scribblisms series, I have fun re-purposing amazing things said by enlightened people and adding a few words of my own too.

The theme of these pieces is education but you’ll also see similar items on creativity in professional and personal life in my Sabisms series with possibly Dodoisms and Frabulisms to follow down the line, but we’ll see.

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Tangled Web of Terror

July 23

FILE UNDER: Mind Map Mad ~ Article

"Tangled Web of Terror" "Sab Lab" "Mind Map Mad"Phew, this took a while I can tell you. Both the map, which I did a couple of months ago and just added one new tiny but significant element to, and the text, which is all new.

It’s one of those pieces which I just had to get out there. Personally, I don’t think it’s particularly controversial, but there are always people who get upset about stuff you can’t even image, so we’ll see. Hopefully it’ll make people think and discuss if nothing else.

Writing articles like this has always been one of my most effective ways of dealing with the madness of the world. It’s funny that I should be worried about upsetting anyone because if you write to please everyone, you’ll end up interesting no-one…

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Ripped To Shreds

July 22

FILE UNDER: I Create Therefore I Am ~ Fun Activities

"Ripped To Shreds" Sab LabJust did a really cool two-month programme here in Paris which was right up my street: creative topics and life-enhancing activities.

In this article I talk about the mini-course and detail a fun activity we did for the last session and you even get to see my cool collage and a video of me describing it in one minute flat.

One and a half minutes. OK, coming on for two, but YOU try encapsulating 50 years or real live life experience into 60 seconds whilst talking about 11 pictures randomly ripped out of 11 magazines a couple of minutes beforehand and we’ll see how high YOUR monkeys climb, right?!

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Absolutely NOT An Entrepreneur!

July 21

FILE UNDER: Creative Business Mind ~ Creativity

"Absolutely NOT An Entrepreneur" Sab LabA new piece on fighting negativity from within the family circle. Delicate stuff, tackled with my customary chutzpah, obviously…

The thing is, not only do those who are closest to you theoretically care about you the most, they are also those most likely to feel they can tell you exactly what they think, especially if your latest screwball scheme impacts their lives in any way, which it usually does.

Like quitting your nice steady (mindnumbingly deadend) job and striking out on your own, for example.

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